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Term 1 2017 Activities

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Term 1 had lots of fun activities. We had Baking Friday once a month. We often played with textures and water and had fun on the playground. In Term 1 we also had a Valentine’s Day Picnic and visits from Nature’s Kids and the Easter Bunny!

BB term 1 3

Playing with shaving cream to learn about touch and textures


BB term 1 2

Playdough teaches us fine motor control and let’s be honest… it’s great fun!

BB term 1 7

Something for everyone on the playground… shady sandpit or running on the grass, or the tree house for fantasy games!

BB term 1 6

Baking Fridays are always fun. We learn about different tastes, how to follow instructions AND we get to eat our handiwork… YUM!

BB term 1 5

Joshua proudly creating his masterpiece!

BB term 1 4

When it’s hot we like to cool down… and when there’s water restrictions we have to do it on a small scale! Sylvia cooling everybody down with her spray bottle1

BB term 1 11

Learning about our sense of TASTE by doing a taste test. Any bets on whether Bailey likes what she is tasting?

BB term 1 8

Some more texture play to help us explore our senses. Julian and Leandro is enjoying the different textures.

BB term 1 9

Our smallest “students” in the Zebra class playing with rice grains and learning about spooning and pouring.

BB term 1 10

Some of us will only poke at this weird stuff with one digit, while others…..

BB term 1 12

Finn tasting the sour lemon juice.

BB term 1 13

The older kids in the Hippo class are not only learning about textures, but also being creative and making something during their texture play.

BB term 1 14

The Hippo class made insect head bands and then pretended to use their straw-like insect mouth parts to suck up some nectar.

BB term 1 15

So much joy from messing around with shaving cream!

BB term 1 16

The teachers found a new recipe for a type of playdough made with corn starch and conditioner – boy did we have fun!

BB term 1 17

On Valentine’s Day we wear red and white and we share love and picnic snacks!

BB term 1 18

Some of the Giraffes dressed in their red Valentine’s Day outfits and having their picnics!

BB term 1 19

The Hippo class made some insects to explore their garden with.

BB term 1 20

Playing with the plastic balls during outside play time. Will this ball fit into this container?

BB term 1 21

We had a visit from Nature’s Kids and learnt all about sea animals. Everybody got up close and personal with this turtle shell!

BB term 1 22

The Hippo class practicing their numbers on the wall.

BB term 1 23

Afternoon free play in the sand pit.

BB term 1 24

The Elephant class (4 – 5 year olds) did a fantastic job making frogs!

BB term 1 25

The Hippo class learning which objects floats and which sinks! Hands-on learning while playing!

BB term 1 26

Ricardo has seen where dad puts the shaving cream!

BB term 1 27

At Easter time the Easter Bunny visits the school and we all get Easter Eggs!

BB term 1 1

The “babies” in the Zebra class love texture play!

BB term 1 30

Holiday School is the best! We get to play lots and some of us even have our older siblings for a visit!

BB term 1 29

The girls creating a fantasy game during Holiday School!

BB term 1 28

Did you say girls on bikes? We’ve got some eager girl bikers!